Inventor Essentials Course outline:

This training course will introduce you to the basics of using Autodesk Inventor. It will cover areas such as 2D drafting, 3D parametric part design, assembly design and working drawings. Each candidate will use real world designs to facilitate in the learning of Inventor's interface and features, as well as gaining an understanding of Inventor's workflows. On completeion of this course you will have gained the knowledge to create simple 3D parts and assemblies, along with the ability to create working drawings.

  • Getting Started
  • Basic Part Creation
  • Basic Working Drawings
  • More Working Drawing Features
  • Detailed Part Design
  • Assemblies
  • Annotating Assembly Drawings
  • Drawing Standards and Resource

Inventor Intermediate Course outline:

This training course builds upon what was learnt during the Autodesk Inventor Essentials course. It covers more advanced sketching, modeling, and assembly techniques such as parametric parts design, 3D sketching, Multi-body parts and others. Throughout this course various examples will be used to demonstrate and test the skills being learnt. On completion of this course, you will be able to use parameters drive part design, create thin walled objects and creates parts within an assembly among taking advantage of other modeling techniques.

  • Project Setup
  • Part Creation
  • Assembly Design
  • Detailing
  • Advanced Assemblies
  • More Working Wrawing Features
  • Annotating Assembly Drawings

Inventor Advanced Course outline:

This advanced training will build upon the foundation work learnt in the Essential and Intermediate courses. You will learn how to create more advanced parametric and adaptive features, parts and assemblies through the use of Parametres and Adaptive Assemblies. Learn how to decrease your design time through this and other tools such as Design Accelarator for fast and accurate design of gears and belts.

  • Advanced Part Creation
  • Advanced Assembly Design
  • Advanced Design and Modeling
  • More Working Drawing Features

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