If I am admitted as a student to the university, I undertake to:
1. To conform to all the rules and regulations laid down by the university.
2. Acquaint myself with all the rules, regulations and instructions applicable to the SLP for which I enrol.
3. Acquaint myself with the fees payable upfront and deposits made should reflect in the universities account before commencement of the SLP.
4. Irrespective of who is sponsoring my fees, ultimately I remain responsible for settlement. I further note and accept liability for payment of interest as stipulated by the university from time to time in the event of my failing to pay fees for which I am liable by the prescribed date. In the event of the university successfully instituting legal action against me for the recovery of any amounts owing, due and payable or the enforcement of any legal rights of the university, I shall be liable to pay all legal costs incurred on an attorney or client scale, including collection, commission and interest. I agree that the university may provide me with statements of accounts and any other communiqué by way of electronic communication through data messages to the email address provided by me.
5. I accept that my examination results, certificate/diploma/degree and study record may be withheld under the following circumstances:
o in the event of my student account being in arrears or
o in the event of any disciplinary matter pending against me.
6. To immediately notify the SLP administrator in writing if I change or cancel my registration. Cancellation fees are payable.
7. The university reserves the right to cancel or postpone SLP offerings. If the SLP is fully booked or cancelled by the Nelson Mandela University, a full refund of fees will be made.
8. To immediately notify the SLP administrator in writing if I change any of my address or contact information.
9. Should I, during the course of my studies at the university, sustain any injuries or contract any illness or suffer loss or damages, I hereby undertake not to institute any claim against the university on account thereof, irrespective of the cause of such damages or loss. In the event of my death during the course of my studies, this undertaking shall be binding on the executor of my estate and my heirs and successors-in-title. Under the circumstances referred to, I or my executor, administrator, heirs and successors-in-title (in the event of my death) hereby indemnify the university in respect of any damages suffered by me from any of the causes referred to above.
10. I understand that the university may by law be required to disclose information about or relating to myself and my studies which is on record at the university, to a third party requesting access to such information. I specifically authorise the university to supply information relating to my studies and conduct while at the university, to my parents/legal guardians (applies only to minors), to potential employers and to sponsors of my studies, including my parents/legal guardians and my employer.
11. I accept responsibility for ensuring that I am registered for the correct SLP.
12. The university uses a digital document management system to store and retrieve information. All student records and other correspondence will therefore be converted to a data format and originals may be destroyed after a period of time.
13. The information supplied by me herein is to the best of my knowledge true, correct and complete.
14. An applicant who submits any document in support of this application, which contains a false statement, is altered or forged, will be prosecuted criminally.