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Course Objective:

TESOL course information

The internationally recognised SIT TESOL course is offered at Nelson Mandela University. This course is offered at various sites around the world and the Nelson Mandela University is the only institution in South Africa with trainers licensed to offer this course.

1.   Course content

Our course focuses on

  • Learning and specifically language learning
  • Speaking skills, which includes pronunciation and meaning
  • Listening skills, which includes taped conversations and songs
  • Grammar awareness and resources
  • Culture awareness
  • Reading skills  
  • Writing skills

All sections start with sample lessons which are then processed so that the participants together can recognise a framework used in the lessons which then becomes the basis of their own lessons. The overarching goal of the course is for participants to be able to plan teach and evaluate an ESL/EFL lesson. Each day is divided into three main components, workshop time, lesson planning, and practice teaching and feedback. 

2. Qualification

At the end of the course successful participants receive the SIT TESOL certificate. In addition there is now the option to enrol for Master’s credits at SIT which means you could have 5 credits at Master’s level in the US educational system. See the World Learning SIT TESOL site for more information. For more info

3. Requirements

The course participants should have a mother tongue fluency in English with effective speaking and writing skills. We prefer applicants to have a degree or a diploma and some countries require a degree or a diploma before you can teach there. It is not necessary to have prior teaching experience though this can be helpful.           

4. Contact details

Tesol trainers:

·         Ms Eileen Scheckle


Office: 041 5042828

·         Ms Sharon Rudman


Office: 0415042216

·         Ms Jacqui Lück 


Office: 041-5043558

Contact information
Dr Jacqueline Lück
Head of Department
Tel: 27 41 504 3558

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