About this course

isiXhosa-English Translation is an SLP designed to enhance your knowledge and inform your practice of translating from isiXhosa to English.

The courses provides rich knowledge of translation and intepretation, aiding in how you would complete these roles in the future.

In the diverse spectrum of languages in South Africa, it has become vital for companies and professional sectors to have adequate staff who are competent in translation - to ensure suitable communication continues to take place in the workplaces.

Should you be required to translate or would like to launch a career in translation, then this course is for you.


Who should attend?

This course is ideal for any individual who would like to translate formally within professional contexts.


How will this course help you?

Completing a study of isiXhosa-English translation will equip you to follow relevant procedures and apply needed principles in the correct method of translation. Should you have to translate officially as part of your job, then this course will provide the relevant support to ensure your translation is effective and appropriate.


What will you learn?

Learning Outcomes

A delegate of this course should be able to:

  • apply basic rules of isiXhosa orthography;
  • apply basic rules and principles of translation;
  • translate text in context;
  • understand the differences in the practice of translation and interpretation; and,
  • understand the basics of language applications when communicating in isiXhosa/ English.


The following will be covered in this course:

  • Introduction to Xhosa orthography : Problematic areas
  • Introduction to language : linguistic competence and linguistic performance
  • Language in society : Language and culture
  • Principles of translation
  • The difference between translation and interpreting

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