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Course objective:

The report writing course includes the structuring of reports from short memo to lengthy formal reports. Key report writing principles are identified and their inclusion in report structures practically applied through interactive examples and tasks. As report writing requires conciseness and clarity for effective decision making processes, basic report writing and writing principles are addressed.

About this course

The Report Writing SLP aims to develop basic principles for the writing of effective reports in differing formats and contexts. Most professions require individuals to write and draft reports that are either generic in nature or customised and specific to the work environment and professional sphere. As a result, many struggle to formulate a professional report that presents information and data in a coherent manner. 

The Report Writing SLP aims to develop report-writing principles to include in report structures including conciseness and clarity - leading to reports that can inform effective decision-making processes. This course includes the structuring of reports from short memo formats to lengthy formal reports.

Depending on the report writing needs of the specific group of delegates completing this course, the facilitator will often include relevant and industry-related formats  of reports as part of the in-class discussions.


Who should attend?

This course is ideal for any professional who is required to write and draft reports. If you are required to arrange, structure and present information and data logically in a coherent and cohesive manner that will be easily understood by your audience, then this course is for you.


How will this course help you?

Report Writing will help you by informing your practice of writing and drafting reports.

You will be shown professional formats for different reports – enabling your future reports to be written and drafted more effectively.


What will you learn?

Learning Outcomes

A delegate of this course should be able to:

  • understand and apply principles of communication theory;
  • describe barriers to effective writing and identify strategies for effective report writing  in  the workplace;
  • demonstrate ability to determine the purpose and audience in writing a report;
  • differentiate between fact and opinion when gathering information for a report;
  • choose relevant information for report completion;
  • select an appropriate research procedure to investigate an area of concern;
  • choose the appropriate report format for a specific audience;
  • write (generate) a formal / memo / letter report which reflects a logical, accurate presentation of findings;
  • demonstrate ability to write meaningfully by avoiding generalisations based on too few observations and too little research;
  • demonstrate ability to write meaningfully by avoiding unsupported assumptions in written work;
  • demonstrate ability to assess writing for technical and expression errors by revising and editing work carefully;
  • apply principles of presentation by graphic aids; and,
  • choose the most effective presentation for reports which give both dignity to the document and favourably influence audiences.


The following will be covered in this course:

  • Communication Theory
  • Audience and Purpose in Report Writing
  • Barriers to Effective Report Writing
  • Subjectivity and Objectivity in Writing
  • Report Formats
  • Structure and Style of Reports
  • Writing Principles (clarity, conciseness)
  • Coherence and Cohesion in Writing
  • Planning Research for a Report
  • Working with Visual Aids in Reports


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