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About this course

Read and Write Arabic is an SLP that will help you to recognise, decipher and read Arabic script and will teach you how to write in Arabic too.

This course is usually taken in conjuction with another Arabic Studies short course.

The SLP aims to equip delegates with the ability to read and write Arabic script effectively with a focus on letter recognition, Arabic phonetics and pronunciation, word and sentence formation and transliteration from Arabic to English.


Who should attend?

If you wish to be able to read and write in Arabic, recognise the letters and words and pronounce letters and sounds correctly; then this course is for you. It would be best to complete this course concurrently with the Beginner Conversational Arabic SLP as more advanced levels of conversational Arabic require the ability to read and write using the Arabic script.


How will this course help you?

This course will aid in recogising the Arabic script and increase your opportunities to understand Arabic text.


What will you learn?

Learning Outcomes

A delegate of this course should be able to:

  • recognise Arabic letters and its variations in writing;
  • sound Arabic letters and pronounce words;
  • recognise vocalisation;
  • read an Arabic passage effectively and identify word formation;
  • transliterate Arabic writing to English;
  • join letters and formulate words using Arabic script;
  • apply vocalisation; and,
  • use basic punctuation.


The following will be covered in this course:

  • Letters of the Arabic alphabet with associated sounds
  • Introduction to Arabic scripts and styles of writing
  • Rules of Arabic reading
  • Understanding Transliteration
  • Writing Arabic letters and words
  • Reading Arabic letters and words
  • Vocalisation
  • Punctuation

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