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About this course

The Business Writing SLP aims to develop basic writing principles for the writing of effective internal and external business documentation such as letters, memoranda and emails by applying basic writing principles and demonstrating the ability to relate business writing principles to practice. Important business writing techniques and principles will be presented and you will apply this knowledge by revising and redrafting examples of ineffective business correspondence.

You will be introduced to writing a variety of business letters, memoranda and emails which effectively fulfill their purpose.

This SLP will simultaneously focus on the concept of effective communication and you will be introduced to relevant communication theory to frame effective practice.

Who should attend?

This course is ideal for any professional who is required to communicate within business environments and contexts. If you are required to send emails or draft letters or memoranda with a particular focus on the quality of your writing, then this course is an ideal start to effective business and professional communication.  


What will you learn?

Learning Outcomes

A delegate of this course should be able to:

  • understand and apply principles of the Interpersonal Model of Communication;
  • describe barriers to effective writing;
  • identify strategies for effective writing;
  • demonstrate awareness of analyzing an intended audience and purpose in business communication;
  • identify different business writing styles;
  • identify basic writing principles;
  • write appropriate business documentation;
  • write cohesive and coherent paragraphs; and,
  • apply effective business writing plans.


The following will be covered in this course:

  • Communication Theory (Interpersonal Model of Communication)
  • Audience and Purpose in Communication
  • Register in Communication
  • Communication Techniques
  • Business Correspondence Formats (letters, memoranda, emails)
  • Business Writing Plans
  • Writing Principles (clarity, conciseness, tone)

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Contact information
Mrs Faizah Samaai
Administrative Assistant
Tel: 041-504 3791

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