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Unit for Continuing Education

Course Objectives:

The course will be presented on a one day per week (Monday) basis. Theory lectures will be scheduled in the mornings with practical sessions in the afternoons.

The lectures will be presented on the University’s South Campus in building 13 (Chemistry and Physics building). The course will be presented by Dr J. Carson and Mr. S. Gerber with assistance from Me R Neglur.

Assessment will be done in the form of tests and practical reports

Course fees

  • To be confirmed

Course content

  • The theory course covers the following subject areas:
  • History of the rubber industry
  • Rubber raw materials
  • Vulcanization
  • Processing machinery
  • Basic rubber processing
  • Basic textile technology
  • Manufactured products
  • Testing/quality assurance
  • The practical course is set up to supplement the theory.
  • Mixing of rubber
  • Viscosity testing
  • Curing and cure characteristics
  • Polymer properties
  • Physical testing

Further recommendations

It is recommended that an in-house tutor/tutors be appointed for students on the course to assist with technical and theoretic queries that cannot be dealt with by the lecturers during training sessions. These tutors should also be able to provide some assistance with respect to practical training (e.g. interpretation of test results) since students will be required to write reports for completed practicals.

For any further information please contact Fanus Gerber on 041-5043460 or e-mail:

Contact information
Mr Fanus Gerber
Senior Lecturer: Polymer Chemistry
Tel: 27 41 504 3460