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Unit for Continuing Education

The purpose of the short learning programme will enable health care practitioners to make clinical patient care decisions based on the best available evidence. The course will introduce candidates to the concepts evidence based medicine and evidence informed nursing. Candidates will be taught to formulate a researchable question, how to prioritize evidence found and communicate the evidence to the relevant audience.

The course will enable the health care practitioner to base their decisions and health care practices on the best, relevant research information available. It will also assist post-graduate learners in developing their research capacity. This concept can be extended to the academia in  order to promote evidence based teaching.


  • Please enquire with the SLP administrator.

Who should attend?

  • Health care professionals, who is interested in promoting evidence informed decision making.
  • Hons & Magister candidates, clinicians, registered nurses involved in research.

In order to attend the Nursing Science SLPs you are required to be registered with the South African Nursing Council (SANC).


Contact information
Miss Sichumile Koyo
Academic Administrator
Tel: 0415044300